Five Tips To Stop Focusing on Tasks & Start Focusing on Goals

Does this describe how you work?

It doesn't matter what you are doing as long as you are checking off tasks and getting things done.

It's because while working on tasks, you feel important, needed, and productive. You feel like you are making progress and your checklist of staff reinforces that feeling. Right?

What if you aren't working on the right stuff? All that busy-ness isn't actually moving your business forward or towards your goals. It is just filling time.


These Five Tips will help you eliminate tasks that are distracting you for what will actually help you reach your goals and make creating content easy.

Five Tips to Start Focusing on Goals

Make a Marketing Plan

It all starts with your marketing plan because this is where you lay out your goals and how your marketing is going to help you achieve them. The fact is without a marketing plan, you will never make time to do your marketing. When your focus is only on your client deliverables and you only have marketing intentionings, your marketing just won't happen consistently. Things come up and problems eat away at the moments between client work, so nothing ends up happening with your marketing.

Then your client work ends and you are scrambling to get new work because you haven't done any future client nurturing.

Having intentions to do your social media, newsletters, lives, andetc. is not a plan.

Making a marketing plans has several advantages:

  • Making a plan gives you a sense of direction with your marketing.

  • Your marketing plan reduces the feeling of uncertainty and getting stuck.

  • You will be proactive towards your goals rather than reactive to today's problems.

Defining your marketing plan will eliminate the guess work and make creating content so much easier. Your content doesn't have to be long manuscripts or daily reels. Your content just needs to be consistent and compelling to your ideal client.

I've got an easy content creation systems that focuses on connecting with your ideal client.

Make Growing Your Mailing List Run Like Clockwork

The job of every small business is to always be list building. You don't have to have a huge list, but it does need to be refreshed with new contacts regularly. This will ensure your next promotion doesn't fall flat.

To make growing your mailing list run smoothly, you need ...

  • Know where your new contacts are coming from (Networking, Lead Magnets, Speaking, etc.)

  • Create supporting systems to take next steps with your new leads

  • Always automate the follow up

Make Your Content Creation Easy

What if you could create 16 pieces of content from just one blog post?

That's my system. I write one blog post and create two emails, twelve social posts, and four livestreams. There is more you can do, but this is what I do.

Here is my content creation system that is easy and reuses one piece of content. Follow these simple steps:

  • Select a theme for your content and be clear on your main point

  • Create 3-5 social media post messages based on your main point

  • Write your blog using the social media messages as your outline

  • Write one email describing challenges related to your theme

  • Write one email sharing the top solution or recommendation

  • Jot down talking points for four Livestreams breaking up your blog into bite sized chunks

That's how you get 16 pieces of content from one blog post.

Download these Content Planning Worksheets to help you get started.

Use a Social Media Scheduler to be Consistent

Do you love social media and post regularly regardless of what's going on in your business? If you answered no, it's time for a social media scheduling tool.

The art of being consistent with your social media is using a social media scheduling tool. It allows you to batch create content and be intentional about what you are posting and when.

Scheduling is an excellent way to save time. It also means that you are prepared if you take a day off, vacation, or fall unwell.

We now have social media scheduling in the Work Smarter CRM and a new offering called Work Smarter Social, if you are only looking to manage your social media and your contacts list.

Cut Down Your To-Do List with Automation

With automation, you can reduce the number of things you need to accomplish. What if you were able to focus on long-term goals rather than the grind of the moment?

If you are doing a lot of repeat tasks and reusing emails, it is time to automate.

-- New client onboarding

-- Inviting new contacts to a networking one to one

-- Reminders for meetings and events

Check out how Work Smarter CRM compares to other solutions.

Download the Easy Content Creation System

Download my system for creating content every month that will ensure you are consistent about emailing your mailing list twice a month and posting regularly to social media.

All you need now are the tools to automate that for you. 😉

Mary Sue Dahill, Founder & CEO of Work Smarter Digital

Ambitious business owners that are tired of marketing gimmicks and digital tools that don't work work with Mary Sue. Because they want one solution that removes complexity and gets their business out of neutral, so they can stop scrambling for their next client and start enjoying the freedoms of entrepreneurship.

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