Work Smarter CRM vs Competitors

Time and time again, someone comes to me and says, ”Mary Sue, I’d love to use Work Smarter CRM, but I just got Kartra / ClickFunnels / ActiveCampaign / Keap Pro/ Kajabi, etc.”

And I say, “Would you really stick with a new fancy coffee maker that was so hard to set up and use that you had to spend hours reading, watching tutorials, or submitting support tickets? Or would you switch over to the one where an actual live person is going to help you get that coffee maker set up and brewing, so you can start drinking your hot, delicious coffee?”

Weird metaphor, but you get it. Sometimes the first thing you purchase isn’t the right thing, and that doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear it.

Today, I want to give you an opportunity to compare Work Smarter CRM to the top software competitors on the market.


Kajabi is phenomenal at building a membership site using templates and cookie-cutter content. But despite claiming they are an “all-in-one tool,” they lack critical features you need for success. They’re missing online appointment scheduling, text two-way conversation, sales management, contact management, and ability to brand your business your way. Kajabi is an all-in-one DIY tool that is another way of saying Drowning In Youtube.


ActiveCampaign is a tool that goes beyond simple email and helps automate your business… with the help of a lot of pricey integrated software. Say hello to a paid plan with Zapier. See all the integrated features Work Smarter CRM provides that ActiveCampaign doesn't — including membership sites, built-in payments, or scheduling tools — and learn why Work Smarter CRM is the more affordable option in the end.


Keap Pro by Infusionsoft is one of the biggest names in online business. But, just because they've got the history, doesn't mean they've kept up with the times. Work Smarter CRM has all the big-hitting features Infusionsoft offers (and then some), without the clunky integrations, pricey plugins, or ridiculously expensive monthly plans. To top it off, their support and documentation is pretty limited.


At first glance, ClickFunnels and Work Smarter CRM look very similar. But, while ClickFunnels is great at what their name suggests — sales funnels — they really aren’t a platform to run your entire business. They’re primarily about selling, and they are totally missing functionality to help you build relationships, which is what we really want to do.


MailChimp does email, and they do it well. But despite calling themselves "all-in-one," they lack some of the most important features for an online business (like eCommerce, video hosting, helpdesk software, etc.). This forces users to pay for outside software and set up lots of tricky integrations.


Work Smarter CRM and Kartra are both powerful “all-in-one” solutions. Kartra is a little buggy, and sometimes the logic doesn’t make sense. The biggest difference is they charge you more when you are more successful. Work Smarter CRM is one price. We don’t charge more as you make more.


Ontraport is more all-in-one than most tools on the market, but compared to Work Smarter CRM, they’re lacking many vital features for running a business. In turn, this forces users to either pay more money for outside software or buy a more expensive plan — oftentimes, users do both.


Let’s talk about support. If you choose another option, you will most likely be offered hundreds of articles to read to help you get started. Or maybe some videos. If you need help or don’t understand anything, you might be able to live chat, but more likely you’ll have to submit a support ticket and wait at least a few hours for a response. Infusionsoft and the premium plan of Mailchimp offered phone support.

With the Work Smarter CRM, you won’t be wading through hundreds of articles or watching video tutorials trying to figure out how it works. You won’t be frustrated by the lack of help from an actual human being. You will have real support. Other CRM’s offer articles, some offer video tutorials, and some allow you to submit a support ticket or do live chat (certain hours of the day). Knowing you have a real person who knows and cares about you and your business to help you get going and keep going is a game changer. Less time wasted, less frustration, more success.

Once you’ve done a little recon, and decide Work Smarter CRM IS right for you (and no being left out in the cold without coffee, guaranteed), take a look at the Work Smarter CRM features.

Mary Sue Dahill, Founder & CEO of Work Smarter Digital

We understand micro-business owners need the right tools to be successful, but more importantly the right support to manage their business. That's why we not only provide the Work Smarter CRM, but a Virtual CRM Assistant to get it done. Schedule a Work Smarter Consult to explore what’s possible.