You can have it all, but you can't do it alone!

Keep your lead funnel full with a Virtual CRM Specialist

Your to do list:

  • Send invoice
  • Make social media image
  • Post to social channels
  • Prep for meeting with client
  • Write proposal

And that is all before noon! Does this sound familiar?

Of course it does, because being a business owner means we wear a lot of hats. As women, we think this is normal and what we are supposed to do, so we don’t question it. But the truth is that splitting your attention between tasks that require effort and concentration means one or all of them will suffer:

“Once you start to make things more complicated, things get messier, and as a result, there’s going to be interference with one or more of the tasks. Either you’re going to have to slow down on one of the tasks, or you’re going to start making mistakes.” ~ Dr Myers

No matter your business, you are the only one that can bring in new business. That is your #1 job. You may also be the only one that can deliver your services and keep your lead funnel full. The rest of the work to manage your business could and should be done by other people. Because the truth is, we can’t do it all.

You can have it all, but you can't do it alone.

Every Superhero Has A Sidekick

Even superheroes know they can’t save the world alone! (Nerdville, I know… list of Marvel Sidekicks.) Sidekicks fulfill one or multiple functions, such as a counterpoint to the hero, an alternate point of view, or knowledge, skills, or anything else the hero does not have.

Bottomline, to grow and scale a business, you've got to have a team that has complementary skills.

Your job is the business strategist, salesperson, consultant, and relationship builder. Everything else should be left to your trusty sidekick.

Otherwise, you’re slowing yourself down and getting in your own way of growth when you try to do it all yourself.

So does this mean you’re doomed? No, you’ve got to be strategic and invest in support that knows what they are doing, so you are not wasting money on training.

Stay Small or Scale?

Keeping your lead funnel full requires new content, timely events, and communications to convert.

Writing content for weekly emails, monthly blog posts, and more can really take a lot of time. Take a look at the 101 Ways You Can Grow Your Business With a Virtual Assistant by Sparent.

My Sparent, Heather Ash, is great at writing and editing. We have a great collaboration. I create an outline of my main points, Heather drafts my blogs, I add my personal flair, and we publish it. If I didn’t have Heather, I wouldn’t write content. It would absolutely be the last thing on my list I rarely get to.

I have a few business owner friends that have hired great people, but they didn’t have the skills they needed. Instead of finding someone that did have the skills, they spent money and significant time to train them.

Hire for skills, not friends. Your team should complement your skills and give you time to focus on keeping your funnel full.

What It Takes to Keep Your Funnel Full

An awesome CRM and the know-how to use it will keep your funnel full. Why?

You may write great content, conduct transformational programs, and host meaningful events, but if you don’t grow your audience and tell them about it… you won’t reach the masses, and you won’t have the impact you hope for.

To get your message out there, you need tools:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Online courses
  • Email nurture sequences

A CRM, or a customer relationship management system, can be a game changer in your business.

Most CRM providers offer training videos you can watch. But who has time to spend hours doing that?

And what if you have a question?

Yes, you could submit a support ticket and wait to get a response that may, or may not, fully answer your question.

What if there were a better way? What if you had an actual person who knows you and your business personally to help you get started, set up your CRM, and even create content to plug in to that CRM?

Game changer, right?

What It Takes to Keep Your Funnel Full

The right support will make building out automations MUCH faster, and the results will be much better.

That’s why I’ve decided to add Virtual CRM Specialist services to my packages. What I see are business owners that have great businesses and amazing content, but not enough time to build out their communications in the Work Smarter CRM.

Because my mission is to help female business owners be more successful in their business by leveraging the awesome Work Smarter CRM, I feel like this is the right way to add value.

You do not need to go it alone.

If you are tired of spending time watching endless training videos, frustrated with trial and error, and overwhelmed with making it all work, the Work Smarter CRM is the right tool, and our Virtual CRM Specialist is the right support.

Take a look at our new packages:

Mary Sue Dahill, Founder & CEO of Work Smarter Digital

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